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Lumberton Republicans 

SOLD US OUT for $44,000

 300 New Apartments and 100 houses

coming to Lumberton  

More units means:

Higher Taxes

Crowded Schools

Congested Roads



Lumberton Republicans gave the developer a sweetheart deal in exchange for campaign cash. 

Developer gives Republicans Campaign Cash

Developer obtains Building Approvals

Township buys a parcel of the land for $700,000

Township sells same land for $1

Republicans and developer profit

How it worked

  • The developer spread his campaign contributions to local republicans through several different companies that he owns to be able to exceed State limits on contributions. 

  • After making significant campaign contributions the developer gains approval from the Republican Administration in 2019 to build nearly 400 apartments and houses on Wellington Farm. 

  • The township then pays the same developer $700,000 for a parcel of that land.

  • The township then turns around and sells the same piece of land allotted for affordable housing for $1 to another developer to build on. (a $700,000 loss for the township)

  • The original developer has now profited from selling a parcel of land to the township and will now have a windfall of profits when the 400 apartments and homes are built. 

  • The developer wins, the Republicans win, tax payers lose. 

Follow the money

  • The developer used the following companies to funnel campaign cash to Lumberton Republicans 

Wellington Farms is the property (near Walmart) that received the approvals to build 300 new apartments and 90+ houses.

The companies listed are all owned by that developer. Four of these companies were used to funnel campaign cash to Lumberton Republicans. 

Contributions from developer to Lumberton Republicans

2017 through 2020

Over $21,000 this year alone and huge contributions since 2017
And it all started with JIM DWYER

Spreadsheet of contributions from developer

All information gathered from NJ public records databases

Use the following links to verify all information provided here:

NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission 

(search by candidate name, contributor name, political party or campaign year)

NJ Property Tax Records 

(search by county, town, owner, address) 

Planning Board Meeting  Minutes March 2019

Developer received redevelopment approvals from Republican controlled Board

In February 2020 Lumberton Republican Committee 

reported $21,000 in contributions from the developer


The fancy mailers you received from Dwyer & Miller are paid for by LUMBERTON REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE

with campaign cash from the developer

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FACT- Dwyer refused to vote to give a raise to Lumberton PD

(despite LPD being the lowest paid in Burl Co)

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